Cindy Ma, Host and Founder of SHE Living TV, is a facilitator, translator and bridge between worlds. She grew up as a Chinese-American with a background in health care management and policy. Cindy lived in Shanghai, China for 6 years, where she founded SHE Advisory and SHE Living TV. Cindy and SHE Living TV are now both based in Berkeley, CA. She is a mother of three children, and as such, is primarily concerned for what kind of future they will inherit, and how best to prepare them for it. She sees women and mothers across the world sharing the same concerns, and therefore founded SHE to serve as a media platform and hub, bringing together our collective questions and concerns with experts and visionaries, so we can problem solve together. She is a passionate, heart-centered inquisitor, a nourisher and a reflector, and believer in women to lead the way in restoring balance to our world.
Tam Starita believes that life’s circumstances don’t define who we are. This is evident through her life’s journey; rising above early childhood loss, abuse, abandonment and more. Tam’s passion for uplifting women has brought her to SHE Living TV as Brand Ambassador. Tam is an alumna of Stanford University with over 15+ years experience in marketing and branding for Fortune 100 technology brands including Apple, Intel, HP, and Cisco. Tam’s other loves includes her 3 beautiful children, husband, photography, design, and nature.
Tricia van Klaveren is COO and Media Producer at SHE LivingTV. She also handles a few interviews. Her background is as a Film and Media Producer for over 10 years. Her most recent feature film is “London Fields” with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. She has also been an International Film Sales Company Executive, Start-up Technology Company Executive, and Attorney. She has a JD/MSFS from Georgetown University.
Curiosity and adventure have taken Aly Foley Contreras from studying Journalism at the University of Connecticut to marketing manager for a global travel company. Creativity popped up next and brought her to design and the fashion industry. Marriage and motherhood prompted her to seek the truth about what it means to live a healthy and sustainable life. She has founded two companies and now brings components of each part of her journey to SHE Living TV.


Crystal Wan

Crystal Wan is dedicated to philanthropy and environmental protection. VP of business and content development for SHE Living TV – Shanghai, China, Crystal combines her love for traditional Chinese culture with Western concepts of Sustainability to promote simple living for all.

Crystal has background in management, finance, publication and education. Founder of GhaoGS, Crystal is focused on promoting best practices in sustainable agriculture; including no till, no weeding, bio-intensive poly-cropping that builds soil tilth using IPM (integrated pest management).

Aurora is a passionate communicator who is dedicated to creating a beautiful future on Earth for all beings. She is an ecological artist, green infrastructure designer and a sustainability oriented creative development consultant. Her background in urban ecology has a focus on pollinators and the specific larval food plant relationships butterflies and moths have with weeds. Her international experiences led her to create Habitile™ – an innovative vertical gardening system. With Rana Creek Designs, she brought Living Architecture to the world, worked 5 years on the design and implementation of the living roof on the California Academy of Sciences and lead the first ever living wall division in the US. Aurora knows that Eco-System Surfaces™ can provide the benefits needed to redress climate change, food insecurity and social inequity in our world’s cities.