Interviews and wisdom from thought leaders, change makers and people “walking the talk.”


Annie Leonard, Executive Director, Greenpeace USA. Creator of "The Story of Stuff"

A beautiful future is possible! There is proof everywhere. It is imperative to build alternatives and share stories. It is possible to do things better!


Anneke Campbell, Author and Filmmaker

The body is sacred, it’s our vehicle to interact in this world. Repressing and controlling the natural rhythms interferes with the wisdom our bodies hold. Education, knowing and understanding our bodies and movement and joy are all essential to health.

Everything Else

Sara Avant Stover, Author and Teacher

The Book of SHE – The Heroine’s Journey is distinctly different than the Hero’s Journey. It’s more of the dark side of “The Way of the Happy Woman”. Women’s work has started to explode. It’s a really beautiful thing, it’s our future. This new feminine has a masculine component, a divine masculine component of really being out in the world with our more feminine qualities of nurturance, collaboration and creativity. This is what the world needs right now. It’s brand new and we are all discovering and creating it together.

Andy Lipkis, Activist, Founder and President of TreePeople

In LA we spend so much money each year getting rid of rainwater, and importing water that we could retrofit the city and easily pay for 50,000 jobs. We can create an active, beautiful, functioning forest watershed eco system, instead we are depriving our cities and their inhabitants from thriving. A green economy can save money and create jobs at the same time.

Claire Dakin, Founder, TreeSisters

We don’t do toxic anymore! When we slow down enough to listen to our intuition, rather than what we are being told, we make different choices. If we are willing to feel, we will change.

Riane Eisler, Author "The Chalice and the Blade"

How a society constructs the roles and relations between the female and male halves of humanity affects everything: our values, institutions, family; whether it’s authoritarian or democratic, economics, what kind of work is valued, politics, religion and more. We are awakening from the “Dominator trance, as evidenced in foot-binding in China, fairy tales, caveman cartoons, conditioning women to see their identity and sense of self as being defined by pain, suffering and subservience to men. Men and women are now both trying to define what it means to be human, how we can, as a society work in partnership.

Eriel Deranger, Indigenous and environmental activist

A new way of looking at privilege is knowing how to eat, where your food comes from and how you fit into the ecosystem. This is femininity rising to the top, in protection of the earth and humanity.

Naomi Quiñonez, PhD. and cancer survivor

I was on survival mode. I needed to find out what I could do for myself, to strengthen myself. Chemo and radiation looked like torture to me, the women in the waiting room were falling apart and they’d already had full treatments. I didn’t understand how a system continues that kind of treatment without taking into consideration what women are feeling. I realized then that I had to advocate for myself and negotiate less radiation. I had to listen to what the doctors recommended but also what my body was telling me. If we can use western medicine to tell us what is going on with our bodies, we can use alternative medicine to help treat it. Nature itself is such an incredible healer. My food is my medicine. The body can heal itself.

Jodi Evans, Activist, Author and Film Producer

Reasonable women conform to the world, unreasonable women lead the world forward. Women are beginning to speak about what it’s like to be in the abuse of our patriarchal structures. When we don’t ask questions, we give up our power. When we get overwhelmed, we haven’t really been present to call out what isn’t working. We’re bringing home the truth, it’s not what we hear in the media and it doesn’t feel good. Coed Pink is striving to end the “war economy” (half of our tax dollars go to fund the military!) and bring the money home to invest in our communities. The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.