The power of feminine energy is not just for females. S*HE is amplifying the voices of men who understand the importance of women and are stepping up to support the health and safety of women and the earth.

Ilarion Merculieff, Indigenous Elder and activist

“True intelligence comes from the heart, not the head.” For millenia, indigenous cultures have practiced mindfulness, being present, self-care, gender equality, honoring the feminine and women’s wisdom, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, respect for the environment, and the connection to earth.

Andy Lipkis, Founder of TreePeople

Women are emerging as the leaders of the environmental movement and bringing what is needed. There is caring, connection and integration instead of separation. It is potent!

John Roulac, Founder and CEO of Nutiva

Zilong Wang: A pilgrimage from the intellect to the heart