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Sharing the work of a beautiful group in the Bay Area that utilizes DANCE as a pathway to healing.
Yes! More dancing please💃🏻
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#Metoo... and, where do we go from here? How can we call it out with compassion and resilience?

Me too… yes, me too, and me too, and me too, and me too. It feels like it goes to infinity, and I guess it does. It is true, to some degree, for just about every woman on the planet. The thing that would seem amazing to us women is to see a fellow woman (including female identifying people) posting NOT ME. So now what?

First, we need to stop tolerating it. We need to look beyond this being just a problem about a few creepy men. I think we can all agree that it is about our global culture and we are all complicit in it. If it is, then how can we begin to change en masse? Can we, as a society, still enforce the same blame and/or oppression techniques that have been bandied around for years and throughout cultures across the planet? “Too sensitive”, “Asking for it” “On the rag” “Moody” “Bitchy” “Too emotional” “Making it up”, “Trying to cause trouble”. What if the root of those same oppressions were actually a cry for help from the masculine and our societies as a whole? What if they were just asking for a space to be sensitive, moody, and emotional?

Women have been whispering about oppression and abuse to each other for decades, for millennia actually. What is new here is that we are saying it out loud, as a collective. In the protection of the masses, we finally feel safe enough to making ourselves heard. Now that we have spoken, can we support the women who come forward? Can we support them in bringing an end to the violence or help them to escape it?

And for the men, can we create a culture where they are allowed to express their feelings in soft and gentle ways? Can we allow for men to show vulnerability without shaming them? Can we create a space for them to really feel their pain, without expressing it as rage, and hold them through it?

For as many devastating stories there are, there are an equal number of stories of triumph and forgiveness. There are amazing stories of transformation and strength. As women are given a space to tell their stories and be seen, can we take this 'viral outrage’, as Wired magazine called it, and turn it into a real world healing session? Can we indeed take the stance of, “Instead of cursing the darkness why not light a candle yourself?"

Please watch this video of Nepali rock star monk Ani Choying speaking to her experience of violence and assault where she gives us a message of transformation, hope and healing.
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